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Daily Data for 2016-05-31

(As of: Tue May 31 04:01:33 GMT-08:00 2016)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Id State Code Station Name Snow
306IDAtlanta Summit 0
312IDBanner Summit0
314WYBase Camp0
320IDBear Canyon0
321NVBear Creek10
323IDBear Mountain19
338IDBig Creek Summit0
342WYBig Sandy Opening1
370IDBrundage Reservoir0
376WABunchgrass Mdw0
382IDCamas Creek Divide0
411IDCool Creek48
423IDCozy Cove0
425IDCrater Meadows18
439IDDeadwood Summit37
450IDDollarhide Summit0
460WYEast Rim Divide0
466IDElk Butte0
468WYElkhart Park G.S. 0
471IDEmigrant Summit0
490IDGalena Summit0
496IDGraham Guard Sta.0
1082WYGrand Targhee69
497WYGranite Creek0
506WYGros Ventre Summit2
944WYGunsight Pass13
509WYHams Fork0
520IDHemlock Butte0
988IDHidden Lake0
524IDHilts Creek0
534IDHowell Canyon8
546IDIsland Park0
550IDJackson Peak8
555WYKendall R.S.0
1134WYLarsen Creek0
577WYLewis Lake Divide0
1016IDLong Valley0
597WYLoomis Park0
600IDLost Lake43
601IDLost-Wood Divide1
610IDMagic Mountain1
623IDMica Creek1
627IDMill Creek Summit15
637IDMores Creek Summit1
639IDMorgan Creek1
989IDMoscow Mountain1
645IDMosquito Ridge0
1053IDMyrtle Creek1
661WYNew Fork Lake0
677IDOxford Spring0
689WYPhillips Bench4
1142IDPierce R.S.1
695IDPine Creek Pass1
698NVPole Creek R.S.34
707WAQuartz Peak1
1081IDRagged Mountain 1
730WYSalt River Summit0
915IDSchwartz Lake1
738IDSchweitzer Basin25
740IDSecesh Summit0
747IDShanghi Summit0
761IDSlug Creek Divide0
926IDSmiley Mountain21
764WYSnake River Station0
765WYSnider Basin0
770IDSomsen Ranch1
985WASourdough Gulch0
774IDSouth Mtn.0
779WYSpring Creek Divide42
984WASpruce Springs1
782IDSquaw Flat1
805IDSwede Peak1
816WYThumb Divide 0
822WYTogwotee Pass37
830IDTrinity Mtn.27
831WYTriple Peak2
979IDVan Wyck3
845IDVienna Mine 38
855IDWest Branch4
860IDWhite Elephant1
867IDWildhorse Divide0
868WYWillow Creek3
871IDWilson Creek0
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Hover over a chart series and a tooltip will popup that shows the series name, the date, and the value of the nearest point.


Zoom into a specific area of the chart by clicking and dragging anywhere on the chart to draw a rectangle around the area to zoom into. Reset the zoom by double-clicking anywhere on the chart.

Toggling Series On or Off

You can toggle the visibility of a series by clicking on the series name in the legend. If a series has been set to invisible, the name of the series will appear in the legend with strikethrough text.

When series are toggled on or off the chart will re-scale the Y-Axis as necessary.

Saving a Chart as an Image

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