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Washington SNOTEL Site Blewett Pass (352) - Hourly Sensors for
2018-June-20 NRCS National Water and Climate Center
Daily sensors report a summary value for the previous day.
Hourly sensors report a summary value for the previous hour.
Instantaneous sensors report a single observation on the hour.
Instantaneous sensors are included with both Daily and Hourly sensor selections.
Instantaneous sensors for a Daily sensor selections are the midnight observation.
*The use of a particular manufacturer's instrument does not consitute an endorsement of that instrument or manufacturer.
Label Element Unit Instrument* Ecode Function Interval Ordinal Sensor Height
[E.I-O:H] [E] [I] [0] [H]
WTEQ.I-1 Snow Water Equivalent In 100" Transducer - Sensotec WTEQ Instantaneous 1 unknown
PREC.I-1 Precipitation Accumulation In 100" Transducer - Sensotec PREC Instantaneous 1 unknown
TOBS.I-1 Air Temperature Observed Degc Ysi Extended Range TOBS Instantaneous 1 unknown
SNWD.I-1 Snow Depth In Unknown - Linear Equation SNWD Instantaneous 1 unknown
BATT.I-1 Battery Volt Unknown - Linear Equation BATT Instantaneous 1 unknown

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