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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-01-27 to 2023-01-31

(As of: Tue Jan 31 19:09:15 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Date Station Name State Name Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
2023-01-27Bear CreekNEVADA14.10.052-125.2
2023-01-28Bear CreekNEVADA14.50.453120.5
2023-01-29Bear CreekNEVADA14.90.48.2
2023-01-30Bear CreekNEVADA14.7-0.20.7
2023-01-31Bear CreekNEVADA14.6-0.154
2023-01-27Bostetter R.S.IDAHO12.80.243-125.9
2023-01-28Bostetter R.S.IDAHO13.00.245221.6
2023-01-29Bostetter R.S.IDAHO13.30.37.5
2023-01-30Bostetter R.S.IDAHO13.0-0.3-0.4
2023-01-31Bostetter R.S.IDAHO13.00.046
2023-01-27Emigrant SummitIDAHO17.90.463122.8
2023-01-28Emigrant SummitIDAHO18.70.867421.0
2023-01-29Emigrant SummitIDAHO19.71.0781110.2
2023-01-30Emigrant SummitIDAHO19.4-0.376-2-5.3
2023-01-31Emigrant SummitIDAHO19.3-0.171-5
2023-01-27Franklin BasinIDAHO19.50.164122.5
2023-01-28Franklin BasinIDAHO20.81.371719.4
2023-01-29Franklin BasinIDAHO21.60.8821114.5
2023-01-30Franklin BasinIDAHO21.90.381-1-4.0
2023-01-31Franklin BasinIDAHO21.90.076-5
2023-01-27George CreekUTAH17.20.363121.9
2023-01-28George CreekUTAH17.50.364116.5
2023-01-29George CreekUTAH17.70.26516.3
2023-01-30George CreekUTAH17.70.0650-1.5
2023-01-31George CreekUTAH17.6-0.1
2023-01-27Howell CanyonIDAHO16.20.059-124.6
2023-01-28Howell CanyonIDAHO16.80.661219.6
2023-01-29Howell CanyonIDAHO17.20.46876.3
2023-01-30Howell CanyonIDAHO17.20.066-2-3.8
2023-01-31Howell CanyonIDAHO17.20.065-1
2023-01-27Magic MountainIDAHO15.40.451-228.0
2023-01-28Magic MountainIDAHO15.40.052123.7
2023-01-29Magic MountainIDAHO15.70.355310.0
2023-01-30Magic MountainIDAHO15.3-0.454-10.9
2023-01-31Magic MountainIDAHO15.30.051-3
2023-01-27Mud FlatIDAHO4.5-0.119-130.0
2023-01-28Mud FlatIDAHO4.60.119027.9
2023-01-29Mud FlatIDAHO4.70.121212.7
2023-01-30Mud FlatIDAHO4.6-0.120-12.5
2023-01-31Mud FlatIDAHO4.5-0.1200
2023-01-27Oxford SpringIDAHO10.20.139125.0
2023-01-28Oxford SpringIDAHO11.21.046724.1
2023-01-29Oxford SpringIDAHO11.70.548215.6
2023-01-30Oxford SpringIDAHO11.5-0.24913.4
2023-01-31Oxford SpringIDAHO11.3-0.247-2
2023-01-27Pole Creek R.S.NEVADA12.90.325.0
2023-01-28Pole Creek R.S.NEVADA13.30.44919.6
2023-01-29Pole Creek R.S.NEVADA13.80.55345.4
2023-01-30Pole Creek R.S.NEVADA13.6-0.2-0.2
2023-01-31Pole Creek R.S.NEVADA13.5-0.152
2023-01-27Slug Creek DivideIDAHO12.40.347125.0
2023-01-28Slug Creek DivideIDAHO13.20.851422.8
2023-01-29Slug Creek DivideIDAHO13.90.762118.1
2023-01-30Slug Creek DivideIDAHO13.8-0.160-2-9.0
2023-01-31Slug Creek DivideIDAHO13.80.056-4
2023-01-27South Mtn.IDAHO11.30.138030.0
2023-01-28South Mtn.IDAHO11.50.238024.1
2023-01-29South Mtn.IDAHO11.70.241310.6
2023-01-30South Mtn.IDAHO11.6-0.140-110.2
2023-01-31South Mtn.IDAHO11.70.139-1
2023-01-27Wilson CreekIDAHO9.80.139-129.5
2023-01-28Wilson CreekIDAHO9.90.140123.2
2023-01-29Wilson CreekIDAHO10.10.24339.7
2023-01-30Wilson CreekIDAHO10.10.04414.8
2023-01-31Wilson CreekIDAHO10.10.043-1
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