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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-01-27 to 2023-01-31

(As of: Tue Jan 31 17:50:18 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Date Station Name State Name Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
2023-01-27Cool CreekIDAHO23.00.669226.4
2023-01-28Cool CreekIDAHO23.80.87568.1
2023-01-29Cool CreekIDAHO23.6-0.274-1-3.6
2023-01-30Cool CreekIDAHO23.3-0.372-21.6
2023-01-31Cool CreekIDAHO23.40.171-1
2023-01-27Crater MeadowsIDAHO26.90.576327.7
2023-01-28Crater MeadowsIDAHO28.61.78489.0
2023-01-29Crater MeadowsIDAHO29.10.5884-6.0
2023-01-30Crater MeadowsIDAHO29.0-0.186-2-1.5
2023-01-31Crater MeadowsIDAHO29.10.185-1
2023-01-27Elk ButteIDAHO19.00.127.5
2023-01-28Elk ButteIDAHO19.60.612.6
2023-01-29Elk ButteIDAHO19.80.20.7
2023-01-30Elk ButteIDAHO19.80.04.1
2023-01-31Elk ButteIDAHO19.80.0
2023-01-27Hemlock ButteIDAHO30.20.328.4
2023-01-28Hemlock ButteIDAHO32.01.811.5
2023-01-29Hemlock ButteIDAHO32.50.5-1.7
2023-01-30Hemlock ButteIDAHO32.4-0.1875.0
2023-01-31Hemlock ButteIDAHO32.40.0870
2023-01-27Hoodoo BasinMONTANA20.20.264228.0
2023-01-28Hoodoo BasinMONTANA20.90.77069.3
2023-01-29Hoodoo BasinMONTANA21.30.4744-7.2
2023-01-30Hoodoo BasinMONTANA21.2-0.172-20.0
2023-01-31Hoodoo BasinMONTANA21.30.170-2
2023-01-27Lolo PassIDAHO12.90.530.6
2023-01-28Lolo PassIDAHO13.60.78.2
2023-01-29Lolo PassIDAHO13.5-0.155-7.2
2023-01-30Lolo PassIDAHO13.4-0.153-2-3.1
2023-01-31Lolo PassIDAHO13.60.249-4
2023-01-27Lost LakeIDAHO28.80.127.1
2023-01-28Lost LakeIDAHO29.70.99.7
2023-01-29Lost LakeIDAHO30.40.795-1.7
2023-01-30Lost LakeIDAHO30.40.094-14.3
2023-01-31Lost LakeIDAHO30.40.090-4
2023-01-27Moscow MountainIDAHO11.80.038130.7
2023-01-28Moscow MountainIDAHO12.10.342418.1
2023-01-29Moscow MountainIDAHO11.9-0.24206.1
2023-01-30Moscow MountainIDAHO11.90.04207.7
2023-01-31Moscow MountainIDAHO12.10.241-1
2023-01-27Mountain MeadowsIDAHO11.30.143-128.8
2023-01-28Mountain MeadowsIDAHO12.51.2541114.2
2023-01-29Mountain MeadowsIDAHO12.50.0573-11.4
2023-01-30Mountain MeadowsIDAHO12.2-0.354-3-8.7
2023-01-31Mountain MeadowsIDAHO12.50.353-1
2023-01-27Pierce R.S.IDAHO7.50.023-134.2
2023-01-28Pierce R.S.IDAHO8.20.726322.8
2023-01-29Pierce R.S.IDAHO8.30.12716.1
2023-01-30Pierce R.S.IDAHO8.30.02701.2
2023-01-31Pierce R.S.IDAHO7.8-0.5270
2023-01-27Savage PassIDAHO14.50.627.9
2023-01-28Savage PassIDAHO15.00.556
2023-01-29Savage PassIDAHO-9.9
2023-01-30Savage PassIDAHO14.458-3.6
2023-01-31Savage PassIDAHO14.80.456-2
2023-01-27Shanghi SummitIDAHO16.40.447031.6
2023-01-28Shanghi SummitIDAHO17.51.153616.9
2023-01-29Shanghi SummitIDAHO17.50.05743.7
2023-01-30Shanghi SummitIDAHO17.4-0.154-36.3
2023-01-31Shanghi SummitIDAHO17.60.2551
2023-01-27Twin LakesMONTANA20.21.063428.4
2023-01-28Twin LakesMONTANA21.21.073107.5
2023-01-29Twin LakesMONTANA21.50.3752-11.0
2023-01-30Twin LakesMONTANA21.4-0.172-3-1.8
2023-01-31Twin LakesMONTANA21.40.070-2
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