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Report Generator 2.0

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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2019-02-22

(As of: Fri Feb 22 00:28:38 GMT-08:00 2019)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Id Station Name Snow
Start of Day Values
874Wolf Creek Summit119
682Park Reservoir96
797Stump Lakes95
713Red Mountain Pass84
717Ripple Creek83
409Columbine Pass78
1185Black Mesa76
624Middle Creek69
1030Arapaho Ridge67
709Rabbit Ears65
457Dry Lake64
1102Hayden Pass64
1252Elkhead Divide58
485Fremont Pass58
589Lone Cone57
602Loveland Basin57
505Grizzly Peak56
580Lily Pond55
438Deadman Hill54
531Hoosier Pass54
1031Never Summer54
1120Elliot Ridge53
1141Upper Taylor53
467Elk River52
542Independence Pass52
551Joe Wright52
618Mc Clure Pass51
378Burro Mountain50
1040Mccoy Park49
870Willow Park49
970Jones Pass47
1128Sargents Mesa47
1005Ute Creek47
1101Chapman Tunnel46
430Culebra #246
1123Long Draw Resv46
838University Camp46
322Bear Lake45
913Buffalo Park44
869Willow Creek Pass41
938Buckskin Joe38
1124Moon Pass38
688Phantom Valley37
1014Middle Fork Camp36
680Park Cone36
914Medano Pass35
658Nast Lake33
1122Hourglass Lake32
793Stillwater Creek29
1059Cochetopa Pass25
936Echo Lake23
827Trapper Lake16
1057Glen Cove6
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