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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2021-02-26

(As of: Fri Feb 26 04:49:19 GMT-08:00 2021)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Alexander Lake12679.00.0360
American Creek11893.10.2
Anchor River Divide106215.50.0541
Anchorage Hillside107010.4-0.241-1
Atigun Pass957380
Bettles Field11824.10.1210
Chena Lakes12603.40.1172
Cooper Lake95915.30.1580
Eagle Summit9608-69
East Palmer9531.40.070
Esther Island1071260
Exit Glacier109218.3-0.368-2
Fielding Lake12686.40.1350
Flower Mountain128532.7-0.398-2
Fort Yukon961140
Frostbite Bottom64110.20.0451
Galena AK4294.40.124-1
Gobblers Knob9622-1
Granite Crk9633.20.2182
Grouse Creek Divide96423.30.1620
Heen Latinee127017.60.3601
Horsepasture Pass1264240
Imnaviat Creek968190
Independence Mine109110.2-0.1481
Indian Pass94622.3-0.167-1
Jack Wade Jct12753.70.125-14
Johnsons Camp1036150
Kelly Station11754.4-0.2210
Kenai Moose Pens9663.70.0230
Little Chena Ridge9473.50.1150
Long Lake100126.10.5964
Look Eyrie76817692
May Creek10966.30.130-1
Mcneil Canyon100312.50.0491
Mcneil River SGS1191531
Middle Fork Bradley106475-2
Monahan Flat10945.80.130-1
Monument Creek9494.10.2210
Moore Creek Bridge1176951
Mt. Alyeska110330.0-0.1900
Mt. Eyak107322.80.073-1
Mt. Ryan9485.00.2261
Munson Ridge9506.90.0353
Nicks Valley12791010
Nuka Glacier1037115-1
Pargon Creek98690
Port Graham9876.40.2391
Prudhoe Bay11777-5
Rocky Point973162
Sugarloaf Mtn109569-20
Summit Creek95510.90.0441
Susitna Valley High9676.40.033-1
Telaquana Lake12666.10.0
Teuchet Creek9513.80.2223
Tokositna Valley108912.80.059-2
Turnagain Pass95432.7-0.11141
Upper Chena952364
Upper Tsaina River105516.80.062-3
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Zoom into a specific area of the chart by clicking and dragging anywhere on the chart to draw a rectangle around the area to zoom into. Reset the zoom by double-clicking anywhere on the chart.

Toggling Series On or Off

You can toggle the visibility of a series by clicking on the series name in the legend. If a series has been set to invisible, the name of the series will appear in the legend with strikethrough text.

When series are toggled on or off the chart will re-scale the Y-Axis as necessary.

Saving a Chart as an Image

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