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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2024-07-22

(As of: Mon Jul 22 19:12:11 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Banner Summit3120.20.020
Battle Creek AM129500
Bear Basin3190.00.000
Bear Canyon3200.00.011
Bear Mountain3230.00.000
Bear Saddle3240.00.000
Big Creek Summit3380-1
Bostetter R.S.3590.00.000
Brundage Reservoir3700.00.000
Bull Basin AM129300
Camas Creek Divide38200
Cool Creek4110.00.000
Couch Summit13060.40.000
Cozy Cove4230.00.000
Crab Creek4240.00.000
Crater Meadows4250.00.000
Deadwood Summit43900
Dollarhide Summit45000
Elk Butte4660.00.000
Emigrant Summit4710.00.000
Fish Ck130521
Franklin Basin4840.00.000
Galena Summit49000
Garfield R.S.4920.000
Graham Guard Sta.4960.00.000
Hemlock Butte5200.00.000
Hidden Lake9880.00.000
Hilts Creek52400
Howell Canyon5340.00.000
Humboldt Gulch5350.00.000
Island Park5460.00.000
Jackson Peak5500.00.000
Lolo Pass5880.00.000
Lost Lake6000.00.000
Lost-Wood Divide6010.000
Magic Mountain6100.00.000
Meadow Lake6200.00.000
Mica Creek6230.00.000
Mill Creek Summit6270.10.00-1
Moose Creek6380.00.000
Mores Creek Summit6370.00.000
Morgan Creek6390.00.000
Moscow Mountain9890.00.000
Mosquito Ridge6450.00.000
Mountain Meadows6500.00.000
Mud Flat6540.00.000
Myrtle Creek10530.00.000
Oxford Spring6770.00.000
Pebble Creek12990.00.000
Pierce R.S.11420.00.000
Pine Creek Pass6950.00.000
Puhi Flat7820.00.000
Ragged Mountain10810.00.000
Red Canyon AM129000
Reynolds Creek20290.00.000
Savage Pass7350.00.000
Schwartz Lake9150.00.000
Schweitzer Basin7380.00.000
Secesh Summit7400.00.000
Sedgwick Peak7410.00.000
Shanghi Summit7470.00.000
Sheep Mtn.7490.00.000
Slug Creek Divide7610.00.000
Smiley Mountain92600
Soldier R.S.7690.00.000
Somsen Ranch7700.00.000
South Mtn.7740.00.000
Stickney Mill79200
Swede Peak8050.00.000
Trinity Mtn.8300.00.000
Van Wyck9790.00.000
Vaught Ranch AM129400
Vienna Mine8450.00.000
West Branch8550.00.000
White Elephant8600.00.000
Wildhorse Divide8670.00.000
Wilson Creek8710.00.000
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