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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-03-23

(As of: Thu Mar 23 00:51:02 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Atlanta Summit30634.40.0108-2
Banner Summit31226.2-0.282-1
Battle Creek AM1295162
Bear Basin31918.50.163-1
Bear Canyon32017.50.067-1
Bear Mountain32337.50.099-1
Bear Saddle32429.5-0.189-3
Big Creek Summit33827.4-0.285-1
Bogus Basin97829.7-0.1870
Bostetter R.S.35920.5-0.1601
Brundage Reservoir37029.90.092-2
Bull Basin AM129310-1
Camas Creek Divide38221.2-0.363-1
Chocolate Gulch89516.9-0.160-1
Cool Creek41136.4-0.11010
Couch Summit130622.60.0
Cozy Cove42317.7-0.1540
Crab Creek42464-1
Crater Meadows42544.70.0108-1
Deadwood Summit43936.50.0108-2
Dollarhide Summit45028.6-0.494-1
Elk Butte46632.20.0880
Emigrant Summit47133.40.6967
Fish Ck130516.8-0.153-1
Franklin Basin48437.60.61076
Galena Summit49022.8-0.583-1
Garfield R.S.49215.0-0.155-1
Graham Guard Sta.49615.00.0480
Hemlock Butte52049.7-0.21180
Hidden Lake98826.40.080-1
Hilts Creek52416.60.060-1
Howell Canyon53427.50.2862
Humboldt Gulch53515.90.042-1
Island Park54618.60.0612
Jackson Peak55027.9-0.1881
Lolo Pass58821.90.0660
Long Valley10169.6-0.2300
Lost Lake60046.20.01290
Lost-Wood Divide60123.20.081-1
Magic Mountain61023.2-0.5680
Meadow Lake62016.80.060-1
Mica Creek62320.7-0.357-1
Mill Creek Summit62718.5-0.265-1
Moose Creek63814.70.0481
Mores Creek Summit63731.70.089-1
Morgan Creek63911.9-0.147-2
Moscow Mountain98918.1-0.252-1
Mosquito Ridge64529.30.183-1
Mud Flat6546.90.022-1
Myrtle Creek10535.2-0.213-1
Oxford Spring67720.30.4593
Pebble Creek129928.80.3754
Pierce R.S.114211.80.1340
Pine Creek Pass69518.30.2633
Ragged Mountain108122.5-0.1650
Red Canyon AM1290382
Reynolds Creek20299.70.231-1
Savage Pass73522.4-0.167-1
Schweitzer Basin73846.90.1124-1
Secesh Summit74031.80.086-1
Sedgwick Peak74130.71.0947
Shanghi Summit74725.0-0.665-1
Sheep Mtn.74917.20.3
Slug Creek Divide76123.30.0694
Smiley Mountain92622.30.079-2
Soldier R.S.76917.1-0.1480
Somsen Ranch77018.60.8638
South Mtn.77420.40.158-1
Squaw Flat78226.5-0.376-1
Stickney Mill79211.5-0.151-1
Swede Peak80519.7-0.171-1
Trinity Mtn.83038.9-0.1122-3
Van Wyck9798.8-0.129-1
Vaught Ranch AM1294160
Vienna Mine84533.0-0.197
West Branch85519.3-0.162-2
White Elephant86033.30.0102-2
Wildhorse Divide867620
Wilson Creek87118.80.3622
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