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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2022-01-26

(As of: Wed Jan 26 16:06:13 GMT-08:00 2022)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Albro Lake91611.20.0420
Ashley Divide116515-1
Badger Pass30716.60.048-1
Banfield Mountain31111.8-0.1430
Barker Lakes3138.60.0310
Basin Creek3153.30.0161
Bassoo Peak1190210
Beagle Springs3186.20.0252
Beaver Creek3289.60.1380
Bisson Creek3465.30.018-2
Black Bear34722.60.0700
Black Pine3497.1-0.126-1
Blacktail Mtn11446.80.024-1
Bloody Dick3556.60.0270
Boulder Mountain3609.70.1371
Box Canyon3634.1-0.1200
Brackett Creek3659.70.034-1
Burnt Mtn9812.10.092
Calvert Creek3815.50.0241
Carrot Basin38516.9-0.162-4
Clover Meadow4037.60.0321
Cole Creek4075.1-0.120-1
Copper Bottom4134.70.0191
Copper Camp41415.20.0430
Crystal Lake4275.90.4253
Daisy Peak9194.60.1222
Daly Creek4336.3-0.1251
Darkhorse Lake43618.40.062-1
Deadman Creek4374.80.1242
Dupuyer Creek4585.50.0212
East Boulder Mine11053.0-0.1132
Elk Peak110612.20.3372
Elk Peak SC536223
Emery Creek4699.90.032-1
Fisher Creek48019.50.0620
Flattop Mtn.48227.30.281-1
Frohner Meadow4874.80.0242
Garver Creek9188.50.0270
Grave Creek5009.8-0.132-1
Hand Creek5107.10.0260
Hawkins Lake51616.80.1553
Hoodoo Basin53025.10.0840
Jahnke Lake Trail456210
JL Meadow12878.5-0.134-1
Kraft Creek5627.20.0240
Lakeview Ridge5683.4-0.112-1
Lemhi Ridge5764.90.0210
Lick Creek5784.40.017-2
Lone Mountain5909.30.1340
Lower Twin6038.7-0.1352
Lubrecht Flume6044.50.0180
Madison Plateau60912.90.0
Many Glacier6139.50.1311
Monument Peak63511.0-0.144-3
Moss Peak64623.70.074-1
Mount Lockhart64912.50.139-1
Mule Creek6569.40.1360
N Fk Elk Creek6576.60.0261
Nevada Ridge9037.80.0291
Nez Perce Camp6628.2-0.131-1
Noisy Basin66422.50.071-1
North Fork Jocko66726.40.075-3
Northeast Entrance6703.70.0172
Onion Park10086.80.1320
Peterson Meadows9305.0-0.120-3
Pickfoot Creek6901.70.160
Pike Creek6931.6-0.141
Placer Basin69610.40.0411
Poorman Creek93222.60.168-1
Rocker Peak7228.50.135-1
Rocky Boy9172.60.09-1
S Fork Shields7251.60.172
Saddle Mtn.72715.6-0.1540
Short Creek7532.5-0.1110
Shower Falls75411.40.0
Skalkaho Summit76012.50.043-2
Slagamelt Lakes128619.60.1571
Sleeping Woman78310.40.0370
Spur Park78112.10.1442
Stahl Peak78727.10.1780
Stringer Creek10094.80.1272
Stuart Mountain90118.60.061-2
Tepee Creek8138.00.0320
Tizer Basin8933.80.021-1
Twelvemile Creek83511.2-0.1411
Twin Lakes83621.70.071-1
Warm Springs85013.10.150-1
West Yellowstone9246.60.021-1
Whiskey Creek8588.40.0330
White Mill86212.50.0430
Wood Creek8765.80.022-1
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