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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2024-04-23

(As of: Tue Apr 23 09:48:56 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Albro Lake91612.6-0.633-1
Ashley Divide116500
Badger Pass30716.60.036-1
Banfield Mountain31111.7-0.230-1
Barker Lakes31312.10.1380
Basin Creek3157.20.0150
Bassoo Peak11900.5-0.81-2
Beagle Springs3189.5-0.428-1
Beaver Creek32814.20.041-1
Bisson Creek3465.1-0.215-1
Black Bear34733.3-0.285-2
Black Pine3495.2-0.214-1
Blacktail Mtn11443.1-0.26-1
Bloody Dick3558.4-0.126-1
Boulder Mountain36013.0-0.4390
Box Canyon3631.6-0.74-2
Brackett Creek36512.9-0.233-1
Burnt Mtn9810.0-0.40-2
Calvert Creek3810.00.000
Carrot Basin38521.7-0.261-1
Chicago Ridge131230.3-0.164-1
Clover Meadow40313.5-0.140-1
Cole Creek4078.90.029-1
Copper Bottom4130.00.000
Copper Camp41411.10.025-1
Crystal Lake4279.7-0.123-1
Daisy Peak9198.20.024-1
Daly Creek4332.0-0.66-2
Darkhorse Lake43624.20.063-1
Deadman Creek4374.7-0.412-1
Dupuyer Creek4583.80.09-2
East Boulder Mine11052.3-0.46-1
Elk Peak Alt131615.80.0400
Emery Creek4696.0-0.113-1
Fisher Creek48023.30.068-1
Flattop Mtn.48236.3-0.186-1
Frohner Meadow4870.00.000
Garver Creek9188.60.0190
Grave Creek5007.1-0.217-1
Hand Creek5103.7-0.49-1
Hawkins Lake51620.1-0.155-2
Hoodoo Basin53028.00.0740
Jahnke Lake Trail456210
JL Meadow128712.2-0.3370
Kraft Creek5620.00.000
Lakeview Ridge5682.0-0.85-3
Lemhi Ridge5768.1-0.425-1
Lick Creek5787.40.021-1
Lone Mountain59014.5-0.141-1
Lower Twin60314.80.2440
Lubrecht Flume6040.00.000
Madison Plateau60920.30.052-1
Many Glacier6133.5-0.7110
Monument Peak63514.80.040-1
Moss Peak64630.50.074-1
Mount Lockhart64911.4-0.330-1
Mule Creek65611.4-0.135-1
N Fk Elk Creek6576.8-0.220-1
Nevada Ridge9039.2-0.1250
Nez Perce Camp6629.7-0.3240
Noisy Basin66439.50.0890
North Fork Jocko66726.0-0.656-1
Northeast Entrance6700.8-1.13-2
Onion Park10088.0-0.1240
Peterson Meadows9308.9-0.127-1
Pickfoot Creek6900.00.000
Pike Creek6930.00.000
Placer Basin69612.1-0.135-1
Poorman Creek93224.1-0.156-1
Rocker Peak72210.90.0320
Rocky Boy9170.0-0.20-1
S Fork Shields7259.20.0230
Saddle Mtn.72718.1-0.1480
Short Creek7531.4-0.44-1
Shower Falls75417.6-0.156-2
Skalkaho Summit76011.0-0.227-1
Slagamelt Lakes128622.2-0.3500
Sleeping Woman7839.3-0.124-1
Spur Park78115.0-0.1470
Stahl Peak78731.80.176-1
Stringer Creek10095.8-0.1170
Stryker Basin131130.10.067-1
Stuart Mountain90121.10.055-1
Tepee Creek8139.6-0.426-1
Tizer Basin8930.8-0.62-1
Twelvemile Creek8352.8-0.58-1
Twin Lakes83622.4-0.351-1
Warm Springs85018.50.351-1
West Yellowstone9243.6-0.910-1
Whiskey Creek85812.4-0.134-1
White Mill86218.10.1502
Wood Creek8764.4-0.1120
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