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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2021-02-26

(As of: Fri Feb 26 04:58:00 GMT-08:00 2021)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Albro Lake91611.40.2
Badger Pass30728.90.5800
Banfield Mountain31113.00.3
Barker Lakes31310.90.1450
Basin Creek3155.20.1250
Beagle Springs3185.20.1261
Beaver Creek32811.20.2443
Bisson Creek3467.50.1
Black Bear34724.60.4
Black Pine34910.20.2410
Blacktail Mtn11448.90.4331
Bloody Dick3559.20.3442
Boulder Mountain36017.00.162-1
Box Canyon3637.40.232
Brackett Creek36516.50.061-1
Burnt Mtn9813.40.1141
Calvert Creek3817.10.130-2
Carrot Basin38518.30.3743
Clover Meadow40310.80.2440
Cole Creek4079.70.3360
Copper Bottom4136.80.4328
Copper Camp41425.70.7775
Crystal Lake4279.7-0.1361
Daisy Peak9197.80.1341
Daly Creek4338.80.1
Darkhorse Lake43623.20.4913
Deadman Creek4378.60.1350
Dupuyer Creek4584.50.1200
East Boulder Mine11054.20.117-1
Elk Peak110615.4-0.148-1
Elk Peak SC536420
Emery Creek46912.80.3
Fisher Creek48026.70.2871
Flattop Mtn.48238.50.7110
Frohner Meadow4877.20.0291
Garver Creek9188.40.3
Grave Creek50011.00.3423
Hand Creek5109.10.4457
Hawkins Lake51618.70.7687
Hoodoo Basin53030.01.010911
Jahnke Lake Trail456361
JL Meadow12877.90.2362
Kraft Creek56211.20.2390
Lakeview Ridge5686.00.1240
Lemhi Ridge5768.60.041-1
Lick Creek5788.60.0
Lone Mountain59013.80.252-1
Lower Twin60311.70.1491
Lubrecht Flume6045.90.019-3
Madison Plateau60915.60.5
Many Glacier61310.10.3362
Monument Peak63518.10.2
Moss Peak64629.30.3953
Mount Lockhart64916.80.3580
Mule Creek65612.90.2531
N Fk Elk Creek6579.30.1391
Nevada Ridge90312.40.151-1
Nez Perce Camp66214.30.2580
Noisy Basin66432.40.2952
North Fork Jocko66730.70.698
Northeast Entrance6707.50.2321
Onion Park10089.50.140-1
Peterson Meadows9307.90.1351
Pickfoot Creek6907.00.1321
Pike Creek6934.0-0.612-4
Placer Basin69615.20.1580
Poorman Creek93226.81.0937
Rocker Peak72212.70.250-1
Rocky Boy9175.00.118-1
S Fork Shields7258.5-0.430-2
Saddle Mtn.72720.70.3
Short Creek7534.50.0210
Shower Falls75418.40.172-2
Skalkaho Summit76018.40.1710
Slagamelt Lakes128625.00.5843
Sleeping Woman78312.00.6485
Spur Park78119.20.2701
Stahl Peak78723.80.6766
Stringer Creek10099.20.038
Stuart Mountain90124.50.3862
Tepee Creek8139.30.3465
Tizer Basin8936.10.0270
Twelvemile Creek83515.80.2748
Twin Lakes83634.60.812111
Warm Springs85019.50.272-2
West Yellowstone9248.60.3
Whiskey Creek85810.80.3
White Mill86222.40.3692
Wood Creek8766.80.2322
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Hover over a chart series and a tooltip will popup that shows the series name, the date, and the value of the nearest point.


Zoom into a specific area of the chart by clicking and dragging anywhere on the chart to draw a rectangle around the area to zoom into. Reset the zoom by double-clicking anywhere on the chart.

Toggling Series On or Off

You can toggle the visibility of a series by clicking on the series name in the legend. If a series has been set to invisible, the name of the series will appear in the legend with strikethrough text.

When series are toggled on or off the chart will re-scale the Y-Axis as necessary.

Saving a Chart as an Image

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