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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2022-12-09

(As of: Fri Dec 09 05:01:27 GMT-08:00 2022)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Albro Lake9166.40.029-1
Ashley Divide1165120
Badger Pass3079.80.040-3
Banfield Mountain3114.80.2231
Barker Lakes3134.20.0200
Basin Creek3153.10.014-1
Bassoo Peak11902.70.114-1
Beagle Springs3184.10.0200
Beaver Creek3286.80.0320
Bisson Creek3464.80.0
Black Bear34714.30.2
Black Pine3493.00.0140
Blacktail Mtn11444.00.018-1
Bloody Dick3554.00.0190
Boulder Mountain3605.4-0.1220
Box Canyon3633.70.018-1
Brackett Creek3654.80.0220
Burnt Mtn9811.90.0101
Calvert Creek3812.80.0150
Carrot Basin38510.80.0391
Chicago Ridge131210.30.2
Clover Meadow4036.90.130-1
Cole Creek4073.50.013-1
Copper Bottom4132.10.0100
Copper Camp4146.90.030-1
Crystal Lake4276.00.127-1
Daisy Peak9193.00.0150
Daly Creek4332.60.0130
Darkhorse Lake4369.00.0360
Deadman Creek4373.90.0180
Dupuyer Creek4582.90.015-2
East Boulder Mine11052.70.113-1
Elk Peak11068.30.033-1
Elk Peak SC536200
Emery Creek4694.00.1
Fisher Creek48011.90.153-2
Flattop Mtn.48210.40.1
Frohner Meadow4872.60.0140
Garver Creek9182.50.1
Grave Creek5003.80.0
Hand Creek5103.90.019-1
Hawkins Lake5167.60.2343
Hoodoo Basin53010.20.143-1
Jahnke Lake Trail456150
JL Meadow12875.10.0240
Kraft Creek5623.80.121-1
Lakeview Ridge5684.30.1
Lemhi Ridge5763.60.0180
Lick Creek5784.40.020-1
Lone Mountain5907.20.0290
Lower Twin6036.00.126-1
Lubrecht Flume6042.20.0100
Madison Plateau60910.10.1450
Many Glacier6133.70.0
Monument Peak6357.20.035-1
Moss Peak64615.30.160-1
Mount Lockhart6496.00.027-1
Mule Creek6564.40.1200
N Fk Elk Creek6573.50.0170
Nevada Ridge9035.30.023-1
Nez Perce Camp6623.40.1
Noisy Basin66413.60.0
North Fork Jocko66710.70.042-3
Northeast Entrance6703.40.0161
Onion Park10084.60.0200
Peterson Meadows9303.50.1180
Pickfoot Creek6901.00.130
Pike Creek6931.10.04-1
Placer Basin6966.10.029-1
Poorman Creek9327.60.0330
Rocker Peak7225.10.1230
Rocky Boy9172.40.012-1
S Fork Shields7251.30.040
Saddle Mtn.7277.40.0300
Short Creek7533.30.1150
Shower Falls7547.20.030-1
Skalkaho Summit7605.20.025-1
Slagamelt Lakes12867.40.028-1
Sleeping Woman7834.40.0200
Spur Park7817.40.031-1
Stahl Peak7878.60.0
Stringer Creek10094.30.021-1
Stuart Mountain9018.30.033-1
Tepee Creek8136.30.1270
Tizer Basin8933.00.115-1
Twelvemile Creek8355.00.0240
Twin Lakes83610.60.042-1
Warm Springs8505.40.0270
West Yellowstone9245.60.125-2
Whiskey Creek8587.00.2
White Mill8629.30.040
Wood Creek8763.30.116-1
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