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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-03-23

(As of: Thu Mar 23 00:20:19 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Barker Lakes31312.30.0500
Basin Creek3158.30.0340
Beaver Creek32819.40.0692
Black Bear34741.10.1121-1
Black Pine34911.40.039-1
Boulder Mountain36021.10.0700
Box Canyon36310.40.236-1
Brackett Creek36519.60.0630
Calvert Creek3818.2-0.2310
Chicago Ridge131233.90.081-1
Cole Creek407371
Copper Camp41426.40.070-1
Elk Peak110628.70.085-1
Emery Creek46911.0-0.1340
Frohner Meadow4877.80.0340
Hawkins Lake51621.50.0700
Lakeview Ridge56813.30.0490
Lemhi Ridge57610.80.0481
Lick Creek57811.50.045-1
Lone Mountain59021.2-0.168-2
Lower Twin60315.6-0.159-1
Moss Peak64639.00.0104-1
Mule Creek65612.40.053-1
Noisy Basin66437.80.0105-1
Pike Creek6933.50.0120
Rocker Peak72213.30.0520
Sleeping Woman78314.8-0.147-1
Tepee Creek81315.90.0560
West Yellowstone92415.6-0.255-1
Whiskey Creek85819.80.0690
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Hover over a chart series and a tooltip will popup that shows the series name, the date, and the value of the nearest point.


Zoom into a specific area of the chart by clicking and dragging anywhere on the chart to draw a rectangle around the area to zoom into. Reset the zoom by double-clicking anywhere on the chart.

Toggling Series On or Off

You can toggle the visibility of a series by clicking on the series name in the legend. If a series has been set to invisible, the name of the series will appear in the legend with strikethrough text.

When series are toggled on or off the chart will re-scale the Y-Axis as necessary.

Saving a Chart as an Image

Click the "Export Chart as Image" button to convert the chart to an image and to display that image in a separate window. To save the image to a file, right-click anywhere on the chart in that window and click on the 'Save image as...' option.
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