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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-09-26

(As of: Tue Sep 26 21:31:13 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Albro Lake9160.00.000
Badger Pass3070.00.0
Banfield Mountain3110.10.000
Barker Lakes3130.0-0.100
Basin Creek3150.00.0
Bassoo Peak11900.00.000
Beagle Springs3180.00.011
Beaver Creek3280.00.000
Bisson Creek3460.10.0
Black Bear3470.00.0
Black Pine3490.00.000
Blacktail Mtn11440.00.000
Bloody Dick3550.00.000
Boulder Mountain3600.00.0
Box Canyon3630.00.000
Brackett Creek3650.00.000
Burnt Mtn9810.00.000
Calvert Creek3810.00.000
Carrot Basin3850.00.0
Chicago Ridge13120.00.000
Clover Meadow4030.20.200
Cole Creek4070.00.000
Copper Bottom4130.10.000
Copper Camp4140.00.0
Crystal Lake4270.10.000
Daisy Peak9190.10.000
Daly Creek4330.00.000
Darkhorse Lake4360.00.000
Deadman Creek4370.00.000
Dupuyer Creek4580.00.0
East Boulder Mine11050.00.000
Elk Peak Alt13160.00.0
Emery Creek4690.00.000
Fisher Creek4800.0-0.20-1
Flattop Mtn.4820.00.000
Frohner Meadow4870.00.0
Garver Creek9180.00.0
Grave Creek5000.10.011
Hand Creek5100.00.000
Hawkins Lake5160.00.000
Hoodoo Basin5300.00.000
JL Meadow12870.00.000
Kraft Creek5620.00.000
Lakeview Ridge5680.00.000
Lemhi Ridge5760.00.000
Lick Creek5780.10.1
Lone Mountain5900.00.000
Lower Twin6030.00.000
Lubrecht Flume6040.00.0
Madison Plateau6090.00.011
Many Glacier6130.00.000
Monument Peak6350.10.100
Moss Peak6460.00.000
Mount Lockhart6490.10.000
Mule Creek6560.00.000
N Fk Elk Creek6570.00.000
Nevada Ridge9030.00.0
Nez Perce Camp6620.00.00
Noisy Basin6640.0-0.100
North Fork Jocko6670.00.011
Northeast Entrance6700.00.0
Onion Park10080.10.0
Peterson Meadows9300.00.0
Pickfoot Creek6900.00.042
Pike Creek6930.0-0.100
Placer Basin6960.00.000
Poorman Creek9320.00.000
Rocker Peak7220.00.0
Rocky Boy9170.00.0
S Fork Shields7250.00.011
Saddle Mtn.7270.10.0
Short Creek7530.00.000
Shower Falls7540.00.000
Skalkaho Summit7600.00.000
Slagamelt Lakes12860.10.1
Sleeping Woman7830.0-0.100
Spur Park7810.10.000
Stahl Peak7870.00.000
Stringer Creek10090.00.000
Stuart Mountain9010.00.000
Tepee Creek8130.00.0
Tizer Basin8930.00.000
Twelvemile Creek8350.00.000
Twin Lakes8360.00.000
Warm Springs8500.20.100
West Yellowstone9240.00.000
Whiskey Creek8580.00.000
White Mill8620.00.011
Wood Creek8760.00.0
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