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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2021-02-26

(As of: Fri Feb 26 05:13:58 GMT-08:00 2021)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
American Beauty1198370
Bear Creek32114.10.257
Berry Creek3348.80.034-1
Big Bend3366.70.2280
Big Creek Sum33713.60.151-1
Big Meadow34012.50.0410
Bird Creek11553.10.180
Bristlecone Trail11112.70.180
Buckskin Lower37310.70.443-1
Cave Mountain11526.70.226-1
Columbia Basin1204370
Corduroy Flat120960
Corral Canyon41711.20.131
Defiance Mines1210381
Diamond Peak4435.40.0210
Disaster Peak4455.60.120-1
Dorsey Basin4539.8-0.436-1
Draw Creek4548.90.1
Dry Creek12434.6-0.512-1
Fawn Creek47611.10.344-1
Fry Canyon12622.20.17-1
Granite Peak49817.3-0.158-2
Green Mountain50310.4-0.237-1
Jack Creek Upper54812.60.252-2
Jakes Creek1211191
Lamance Creek5698.70.726-3
Lamoille #357010.60.236-2
Laurel Draw5739.40.2350
Lee Canyon11122.9-0.1110
Lewis Peak100611.10.247-1
Little Valley12426.00.0140
Marlette Lake61513.80.0490
Merritt Mountain120726-1
Mt Rose Ski Area65221.20.169-2
ONeil Creek12724.90.118-65
Pole Creek R.S.69815.80.5
Porter Canyon21702.9-0.670
Quinn Ridge129780
Rainbow Canyon11101.20.020
Robinson Lake1199500
Seventysix Creek7467.10.1360
Silver Creek Nv1205100
Smith Creek1235370
Snowstorm Mtn1208370
Stag Mountain1203110
Summit Lk11949.30.0340
Taylor Canyon8113.00.28-1
Tent Mtn Lower120225-1
Tent Mtn Upper1201480
Toe Jam113612.60.243-3
Trout Creek Upper1200290
Vacarro Springs11376.60.4220
Ward Mountain8494.30.021-1
Wheeler Peak11475.70.3240
White River Nv12137-1
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