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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2022-01-26

(As of: Wed Jan 26 16:23:25 GMT-08:00 2022)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Bald Mtn AM124000
Bear Creek3218.3-0.1311
Berry Creek3349.20.0371
Big Bend3364.60.0170
Big Creek Sum3375.50.022-1
Big Meadow34015.20.0490
Bird Creek11553.80.0120
Bristlecone Trail11119.80.0280
Buckskin Lower3737.60.0311
Cave Mountain11526.90.0211
Columbia Basin1204160
Corral Canyon4177.40.0180
Diamond Peak4433.30.0151
Disaster Peak4455.10.016-1
Dorsey Basin4535.70.0210
Draw Creek4546.50.022-1
Dry Creek12432.70.080
Fawn Creek4767.20.0260
Fry Canyon12620.220
Granite Peak49812.30.041-1
Green Mountain5037.20.0220
Jack Creek Upper5485.50.0230
Jacks Peak549341
Lamance Creek5695.20.0160
Lamoille #35707.10.0300
Laurel Draw5736.50.0210
Lee Canyon11126.90.0210
Lewis Peak10065.20.0200
Little Valley124213.2-0.1360
Marlette Lake61515.40.049-1
Mt Rose Ski Area65226.90.079-1
ONeil Creek12724.2-0.1160
Pole Canyon12446.10.0210
Porter Canyon21702.40.090
Quinn Ridge1297200
Rainbow Canyon111010.10.0200
Robinson Lake1199560
Seventysix Creek7465.30.0240
Smith Creek123517-1
Summit Lk11946.60.021-1
Taylor Canyon8114.90.014-1
Tent Mtn Lower1202181
Toe Jam113610.00.0310
Vacarro Springs11373.80.0151
Ward Mountain8497.80.0241
Wheeler Peak114710.30.037-2
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Toggling Series On or Off

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When series are toggled on or off the chart will re-scale the Y-Axis as necessary.

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