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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-09-26

(As of: Tue Sep 26 21:48:40 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
American Beauty119860
Bald Mtn AM12400
Bear Creek3210.50.500
Berry Creek3340.00.03-1
Big Bend3360.10.000
Big Creek Sum3370.00.000
Big Meadow3400.00.0
Bird Creek11550.20.0
Bristlecone Trail11110.0-0.100
Buckskin Lower3730.00.000
Cave Mountain11520.00.070
Columbia Basin120400
Corral Canyon4170.00.050
Defiance Mines1210108
Diamond Peak4430.00.020
Disaster Peak4450.00.011
Dorsey Basin4530.00.010
Dry Creek12430.00.000
Fawn Creek4760.00.0
Fry Canyon12620.10.021
Granite Peak4980.10.100
Green Mountain5030.40.0
Jack Creek Upper5480.00.0
Jakes Creek121100
Lamance Creek5690.00.010
Lamoille #35700.20.052
Lamoille Upper13100-1
Laurel Draw5730.00.0
Lee Canyon11120.00.000
Lewis Peak10060.00.0
Little Valley12420.10.100
Marlette Lake6150.00.000
Merritt Mountain12070
Mt Rose Ski Area6520.20.211
Pole Canyon12440.00.0
Pole Creek R.S.69800
Porter Canyon21700.00.0
Quinn Ridge129722
Rainbow Canyon11100.10.000
Robinson Lake119920
Seventysix Creek7460.10.1
Snowstorm Mtn120800
Summit Lk11940.00.0
Taylor Canyon8110.00.0
Tent Mtn Lower12023-1
Tent Mtn Upper120120
Toe Jam11360.20.0
Trout Creek Upper120000
Vacarro Springs11370.20.100
Ward Mountain8490.00.00-1
Wheeler Peak11470.10.000
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