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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2024-04-16

(As of: Tue Apr 16 16:37:41 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Aneroid Lake #230217.70.050-1
Annie Springs100041.7-0.484-1
Anthony Lake124543-1
Arbuckle Mtn30413.3-0.730-1
Bald Mtn AM OR44748-2
Barney Creek124617-1
Bear Flat Meadow AM129110-2
Bear Grass116642.1-0.1880
Beaver Reservoir3315.2-0.4120
Big Red Mountain34121.7-0.1560
Big Sheep AM1229450
Bigelow Camp3438.9-0.516-1
Billie Creek Divide34422.9-0.549-1
Blazed Alder35124.7-0.1550
Blue Mountain Spring35710.4-0.428-2
Bowman Springs3621.2-0.30-1
Buckskin Lake AM129200
Call Meadows AM12891
Cascade Summit38829.8-0.569-1
Chemult Alternate3950.00.000
Clackamas Lake3985.0-0.513-1
Clear Lake4014.8-0.412-1
Cold Springs Camp40622.8-0.551-2
County Line4220.7-0.200
Crazyman Flat10105.8-0.68-2
Daly Lake4340.20.000
Diamond Lake4422.8-0.84-1
Eilertson Meadows4641.6-0.93-2
Emigrant Springs4700.00.000
Finley Corrals AM127421-1
Fish Creek47744.3-0.577-2
Fish Lk.4797.6-0.420-1
Fourmile Lake48327.8-0.668-1
Gerber Reservoir9450.3-0.50-3
Gold Center4942.3-0.83-2
Government Corrals1250440
High Ridge52319.3-0.7440
Hogg Pass52614.1-0.344
Holland Meadows52921.3-0.529-1
Howard Prairie11580.0-0.100
Irish Taylor54536.5-0.3740
Jump Off Joe5520.9-0.62-1
King Mountain5580.00.000
Lake Creek R.S.5630.3-0.420
Little Meadows58426.0-0.456-2
Lookout Butte129800
Louse Canyon129614-2
Lucky Strike6050.00.000
Madison Butte6080.00.000
Marion Forks6140.1-0.1
Milk Shakes107934.6-0.980-1
Miller Woods10840.00.000
Moss Springs64720.9-0.251-1
Mt Hood Test Site65146.10.1
Mt. Howard65315.7-0.5340
Mud Ridge65523.9-0.347-1
New Crescent Lake6606.6-0.518-2
North Fork66617.4-0.340-1
Ochoco Meadows6714.3-0.710-2
Patton Meadows AM124133-2
Peavine Ridge6873.8-0.680
Quartz Mountain7060.1-0.60-1
Railroad Overpass7100.00.000
Red Hill71238.7-0.576-1
Roaring River71922.8-0.348-1
Rogger Meadow AM122033-2
Saddle Mountain7260.00.000
Salt Creek Falls72917.3-0.635-1
Santiam Jct.7331.8-1.12-3
Schneider Meadows73622.7-0.255-1
Seine Creek7430.00.000
Sevenmile Marsh74533.8-0.373-1
Silver Creek7560.0-0.100
Smith Ridge116710
Snow Mountain7678.1-0.815-1
South Fork Bull Run92500
Starr Ridge7890
Summer Rim8001.7-0.60-1
Summit Lake80138.1-0.288-1
Sun Pass107811.9-0.432-2
Swan Lake Mtn107726.5-0.350-2
Taylor Butte8100.00.000
Taylor Green81211.2-0.923-3
Three Creeks Meadow8157.9-0.618-2
Toketee Airstrip10440.00.020
Trout Creek AM123822-1
TV Ridge AM1230321
V Lake AM123718-2
West Eagle Meadows AM128846-2
Wolf Creek8737.0-0.325-1
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