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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2022-01-26

(As of: Wed Jan 26 16:40:36 GMT-08:00 2022)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Aneroid Lake #23029.0-0.1312
Annie Springs100016.10.0540
Anthony Lake1245400
Arbuckle Mtn30410.20.0340
Bald Mtn AM OR447560
Barney Creek1246210
Bear Flat Meadow AM1291130
Bear Grass116632.40.072-1
Beaver Reservoir3316.9-0.1250
Big Red Mountain34110.7-0.1340
Big Sheep AM1229400
Bigelow Camp34315.5-0.1300
Billie Creek Divide34413.60.0360
Blazed Alder35123.8-0.1610
Blue Mountain Spring3578.50.0290
Bowman Springs3626.6-0.2211
Buckskin Lake AM129260
Call Meadows AM128990
Cascade Summit38818.40.0560
Chemult Alternate3957.1-0.1210
Clackamas Lake39814.70.4
Clear Lake40110.60.0
Cold Springs Camp40613.30.1350
County Line4224.3-0.1161
Cox Flat AM1273170
Crazyman Flat101010.00.1210
Daly Lake43411.70.0250
Diamond Lake4429.6-0.6200
Eilertson Meadows4649.00.0270
Emigrant Springs4703.7-0.1152
Finley Corrals AM1274230
Fish Lk.4798.3-0.224-1
Fourmile Lake48313.20.0401
Gerber Reservoir9451.60.050
Gold Center4947.60.016-3
Government Corrals1250240
Hart Mountain AM121810
High Ridge52315.6-0.1440
Hogg Pass52614.1-0.2430
Holland Meadows52922.0-0.2350
Howard Prairie11584.20.0120
Irish Taylor54518.40.0530
Jump Off Joe5529.6-0.1250
King Mountain5585.90.2140
Lake Creek R.S.5636.30.0210
Little Meadows58421.60.2490
Lookout Butte129880
Louse Canyon129618-1
Lucky Strike6056.0-0.2180
Madison Butte6084.40.0140
Marion Forks61411.00.0280
Milk Shakes107922.4-0.158-1
Miller Woods10840.00.000
Moss Springs64714.00.1420
Mt Hood Test Site65130.20.0770
Mt. Howard6537.80.023-1
Mud Ridge65520.2-0.1490
New Crescent Lake6609.7-0.129-1
North Fork66620.6-0.1530
Ochoco Meadows6715.8-0.1180
Peavine Ridge68716.80.2340
Quartz Mountain7060.6-0.120
Railroad Overpass7100.00.000
Red Hill71240.40.2770
Roaring River71916.2-0.144-1
Rock Springs7213.50.0111
Saddle Mountain7265.4-0.2120
Salt Creek Falls72913.6-0.134-1
Santiam Jct.73314.40.1360
Schneider Meadows73617.20.055-1
Seine Creek7430.00.00
Sevenmile Marsh74517.00.148-1
Sherman Valley AM1219190
Silver Creek7567.2-0.1230
Smith Ridge11677.90.1180
Snow Mountain7675.9-0.118-1
South Fork Bull Run9258.80.0210
Starr Ridge7894.4-0.1160
Summer Rim8004.2-0.17
Summit Lake80121.80.054-1
Sun Pass107813.00.2360
Swan Lake Mtn107711.50.1300
Taylor Butte8105.50.2130
Taylor Green81210.80.130-1
Three Creeks Meadow81510.90.031-1
Toketee Airstrip10445.6-0.3120
Trout Creek AM1238140
TV Ridge AM1230221
V Lake AM1237190
West Eagle Meadows AM1288470
Wolf Creek8736.3-0.1331
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