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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-12-03

(As of: Sun Dec 03 10:18:12 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Aneroid Lake #23021.30.6
Annie Springs10006.01.630
Anthony Lake1245188
Arbuckle Mtn3042.00.9115
Barney Creek124684
Bear Flat Meadow AM129130
Bear Grass11666.11.7253
Beaver Reservoir3311.60.585
Big Red Mountain3411.40.741
Big Sheep AM12298
Bigelow Camp3431.80.22-4
Billie Creek Divide3444.72.0237
Blazed Alder3514.60.816-2
Blue Mountain Spring3573.80.612
Bowman Springs3621.40.454
Buckskin Lake AM129200
Call Meadows AM128933
Cascade Summit3884.61.423
Chemult Alternate3951.30.774
Clackamas Lake3981.80.460
Clear Lake4011.90.97
Cold Springs Camp4064.01.6206
County Line4221.00.353
Cox Flat AM127311
Crazyman Flat10101.20.5
Daly Lake4341.90.25-4
Diamond Lake4422.21.3105
Eilertson Meadows4641.30.595
Emigrant Springs4701.60.540
Finley Corrals AM127495
Fish Creek4776.81.0
Fish Lk.4792.80.810
Fourmile Lake4834.62.0228
Gerber Reservoir9450.80.320
Gold Center4941.30.7117
Hart Mountain AM121830
High Ridge5233.10.914
Hogg Pass5264.41.7214
Holland Meadows5293.90.7
Howard Prairie11581.10.54-1
Irish Taylor5455.71.9296
Jump Off Joe5521.70.15-3
King Mountain5580.2-0.100
Lake Creek R.S.5631.50.591
Little Meadows5843.10.711-4
Lookout Butte129800
Louse Canyon129652
Lucky Strike6052.10.44-1
Madison Butte6081.10.564
Marion Forks6141.1-0.10
Milk Shakes10794.61.423
Miller Woods10840.30.000
Moss Springs6472.60.9166
Mt Hood Test Site6516.61.6366
Mt. Howard6532.80.5104
Mud Ridge6552.91.114
New Crescent Lake6603.91.2110
North Fork6664.40.1
Ochoco Meadows6711.40.462
Patton Meadows AM124143
Peavine Ridge6871.40.25-2
Quartz Mountain7060.40.110
Railroad Overpass7100.0-0.100
Red Hill7125.51.821
Roaring River7194.41.421
Rock Springs7211.00.453
Rogger Meadow AM1220136
Saddle Mountain72610.89.8
Salt Creek Falls7292.80.511-1
Santiam Jct.7333.41.111-1
Schneider Meadows7362.01.1
Seine Creek7430.20.000
Sevenmile Marsh7454.81.8212
Silver Creek7560.60.422
Smith Ridge11672.0-0.34-5
Snow Mountain7671.30.564
South Fork Bull Run9250.7-0.3
Starr Ridge7891.20.581
Summer Rim8001.20.260
Summit Lake8016.21.625
Sun Pass10782.41.1164
Swan Lake Mtn10772.31.2104
Taylor Butte8100.60.321
Taylor Green8122.80.8
Three Creeks Meadow8151.91.082
Toketee Airstrip10440.4-0.42-1
Trout Creek AM1238131
TV Ridge AM12304
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