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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-03-23

(As of: Thu Mar 23 00:59:25 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Annie Springs100042.70.31162
Anthony Lake124572-1
Arbuckle Mtn30420.5-0.160-1
Bald Mtn AM OR44771-2
Barney Creek124643-2
Bear Flat Meadow AM1291510
Bear Grass116655.2-0.31211
Beaver Reservoir33112.7-0.240-1
Big Red Mountain34128.40.5932
Bigelow Camp34325.80.059-3
Billie Creek Divide34427.70.1680
Blazed Alder35135.70.090-1
Blue Mountain Spring35717.50.056-2
Bowman Springs3627.9-0.1320
Buckskin Lake AM129200
Call Meadows AM128939-1
Cascade Summit38832.00.2880
Chemult Alternate39512.80.2410
Clackamas Lake39813.7-0.335-1
Clear Lake4019.90.030-1
Cold Springs Camp40627.00.4722
County Line4225.0-0.215-1
Cox Flat AM1273391
Crazyman Flat101021.90.3
Daly Lake43411.80.126-3
Diamond Lake44215.10.7414
Eilertson Meadows46415.80.045-1
Emigrant Springs4704.5-0.1120
Fish Creek477100-2
Fish Lk.47912.80.138-1
Fourmile Lake48325.00.3770
Gerber Reservoir9452.10.07-1
Gold Center49414.1-0.142-1
Government Corrals1250671
Hart Mountain AM121817-2
High Ridge52330.0-0.178-1
Hogg Pass52617.8-0.266-2
Holland Meadows52936.00.1580
Howard Prairie11589.30.0270
Jump Off Joe55213.00.138-1
King Mountain55812.3-0.232-1
Lake Creek R.S.56312.80.040-2
Lookout Butte129811
Louse Canyon1296381
Lucky Strike60510.8-0.331-1
Madison Butte6088.4-0.126-2
Marion Forks61413.1-0.135-1
Milk Shakes107937.70.0108-1
Miller Woods10840.4-0.110
Mt Hood Test Site65145.80.21270
Mt. Howard65314.5-0.149-1
Mud Ridge65527.80.2640
New Crescent Lake66020.0-0.251-1
North Fork66634.00.287-1
Ochoco Meadows67113.8-0.3420
Patton Meadows AM1241711
Peavine Ridge68715.8-0.234-1
Quartz Mountain7066.7-0.3261
Railroad Overpass7100.5-0.41-1
Roaring River71928.20.066-1
Rock Springs72131-1
Rogger Meadow AM1220630
Saddle Mountain72611.9-0.433-1
Santiam Jct.73317.1-0.448-1
Schneider Meadows73631.20.087-1
Seine Creek7432.9-0.56-3
Sevenmile Marsh74535.30.71035
Sherman Valley AM1219530
Silver Creek75616.0-0.2440
Smith Ridge11678.7-0.622-2
Snow Mountain76716.90.051-1
South Fork Bull Run9257.9-0.320-2
Starr Ridge7898.50.229-1
Summer Rim80011.20.3365
Summit Lake80132.90.293-1
Sun Pass107824.2-0.677-1
Swan Lake Mtn107731.00.0870
Taylor Butte81010.2-0.2280
Taylor Green81223.0-0.162-1
Toketee Airstrip10445.3-0.213-1
Trout Creek AM123854-1
TV Ridge AM1230420
V Lake AM1237400
West Eagle Meadows AM128878-2
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