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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2021-02-26

(As of: Fri Feb 26 04:14:25 GMT-08:00 2021)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Agua Canyon9074.10.0150
Bear River RS9926.10.028-1
Beaver Dams3298.20.032-1
Beaver Divide3305.10.0310
Ben Lomond Peak33224.2-0.1
Ben Lomond Trail33313.50.049-1
Bevans Cabin12146.3-0.323-1
Big Flat3399.3-0.142-1
Black Flat-U.M. Ck3488.00.0321
Blacks Fork Jct11625.00.2250
Bobs Hollow12789.6-0.2390
Box Creek3644.10.221-2
Box Springs11564.80.020-1
Brian Head115410.20.043-2
Brown Duck36810.00.041-1
Buck Flat3719.70.0380
Buck Pasture119210.00.045-1
Buckboard Flat11539.40.032-1
Bug Lake37412.70.147-1
Burts Miller Ranch11353.80.017
Camp Jackson3837.60.027-1
Cascade Mountain103911.5-0.246-1
Castle Valley3906.90.028-1
Chalk Creek #139211.40.048-2
Chalk Creek #23939.00.136
Clayton Springs9837.00.032-2
Clear Creek #13999.60.1360
Clear Creek #24008.00.1330
Currant Creek4326.4-0.2250
Dills Camp4447.70.031-1
Donkey Reservoir4524.30.019-1
Dry Bread Pond45511.80.346-2
Dry Fork90610.30.144-1
East Willow Creek4613.80.0220
EF Blacks Fork GS11639.50.1360
Farmington Lower105448-1
Farnsworth Lake47512.20.054-2
Fish Lake Utah11497.30.3
Five Points Lake4819.70.1420
Garden City Summit111411.30.1400
Gardner Peak10665.8-0.122-1
GBRC HQ12218.80.033-1
GBRC Meadows122212.20.147-1
George Creek115111.50.046-1
Gooseberry RS4955.50.0291
Gooseberry RS Up11847.2-0.134-1
Gutz Peak10655.00.1160
Harris Flat5144.10.4110
Hayden Fork5179.70.0
Henrys Fork1193380
Hickerson Park5224.70.030-2
Hobble Creek12238.10.031-1
Horse Ridge53311.90.047-2
Huntington Horse121614.30.048-1
Indian Canyon5436.20.0281
Jones Corral10995.30.1230
Kilfoil Creek11457.7-0.1350
Kimberly Mine55710.70.0421
Kings Cabin5593.5-0.1250
Klondike Narrows111513.50.149-2
Lakefork #15666.50.030-1
Lakefork #311163.80.1180
Lakefork Basin51312.50.149-1
Lasal Mountain5727.30.128-1
Lasal Mountain-Lower12155.30.1200
Lightning Ridge105611.40.0410
Lily Lake5798.10.137-1
Little Bear5827.30.026-1
Little Grassy5830.1-0.122
Lonesome Beaver12613.40.1120
Long Flat5924.20.1150
Long Valley Jct5932.50.280
Lookout Peak59618.10.067-2
Lost Creek Resv11184.60.1
Louis Meadow97215.30.151-1
Merchant Valley6217.50.0350
Midway Valley62611.8-0.148-1
Mill-D North62816.30.157-1
Mining Fork63112.8-0.248-1
Monte Cristo63416.00.158
Mosby Mtn.6435.00.0260
Mt Baldy122414.80.0540
Mt Pennell12693.6-0.1150
Oak Creek11467.40.0280
Panguitch Lake RS11483.80.1140
Parleys Summit68411.8-0.145-1
Parleys Upper85613.6-0.152-2
Parrish Creek97116.20.056-2
Payson R.S.6869.70.0360
Pickle Keg69110.30.041-2
Pine Creek69412.20.248-1
Red Pine Ridge7148.10.2360
Redden Mine Lwr12259.2-0.136-1
Rees Flat12176.70.0310
Rock Creek7204.20.0190
Rocky Basin-Settleme72314.00.052-2
Santaquin Meadows128010.9-0.146-1
Seeley Creek7426.70.1260
Smith Morehouse7636.20.132-1
Spirit Lk11177.80.0340
Steel Creek Park79010.70.043-1
Strawberry Divide7957.60.034-1
Sunflower Flat12495.3-0.2181
Suu Ranch12486.3-0.1260
Takka Wiiya12477.70.036-2
Temple Fork101310.20.142-1
Thaynes Canyon81412.1-0.152-2
Thistle Flat12268.00.0340
Timpanogos Divide82010.20.0390
Tony Grove Lake82322.40.172-2
Tony Grove RS11137.60.0290
Trial Lake82813.30.153-1
Trout Creek8333.8-0.122
Upper Joes Valley12275.90.125-1
Usu Doc Daniel109816.80.064-2
Vernon Creek8446.90.0310
Webster Flat8538.00.227-1
White River #18646.0-0.1270
Widtsoe #38657.30.0290
Wolf Creek Peak116413.50.052-1
Wrigley Creek12286.80.0290
Yankee Reservoir11976.10.024-1
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