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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2019-11-20

(As of: Wed Nov 20 03:22:12 GMT-08:00 2019)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Agua Canyon9070.10.1
Bear River RS9920.20.000
Beaver Dams3290.00.020
Beaver Divide3300.90.02-1
Ben Lomond Peak3321.00.70-1
Ben Lomond Trail3330.60.611
Bevans Cabin12140.30.300
Big Flat3390.40.432
Black Flat-U.M. Ck3480.40.3
Blacks Fork Jct11620.00.00
Bobs Hollow12780.10.1153
Box Creek3640.20.2
Box Springs11560.40.322
Brian Head11540.40.4
Brown Duck3681.9-0.171
Buck Flat3710.00.0
Buck Pasture11922.3-0.170
Buckboard Flat11530.10.000
Bug Lake3741.90.391
Burts Miller Ranch11350.50.100
Cascade Mountain10391.20.420
Castle Valley3900.60.4
Chalk Creek #13922.7-0.170
Chalk Creek #23932.5-0.180
Clayton Springs9830.30.333
Clear Creek #13990.20.200
Clear Creek #24001.40.753
Currant Creek4320.50.511
Dills Camp4440.20.0
Donkey Reservoir4520.20.1
Dry Bread Pond4551.70.15-1
Dry Fork9062.00.290
East Willow Creek4610.20.1
EF Blacks Fork GS11631.90.02-1
Farmington Lower10541.30.61-1
Farnsworth Lake4751.60.1
Fish Lake Utah11490.20.2
Five Points Lake4812.80.040
Garden City Summit11142.40.180
Gardner Peak10660.50.2
GBRC HQ12210.00.0
GBRC Meadows12221.1-0.130
George Creek11512.70.370
Gooseberry RS4950.10.10
Gooseberry RS Up11840.50.20
Gutz Peak10650.00.000
Harris Flat5140.00.0
Hayden Fork5170.5-0.210
Henrys Fork119370
Hickerson Park5221.00.070
Hobble Creek12230.50.500
Horse Ridge5330.10.100
Huntington Horse12160.1-0.1
Indian Canyon5431.61.6
Jones Corral10990.50.2
Kilfoil Creek11451.40.350
Kimberly Mine5571.30.7
Kings Cabin5590.00.021
Klondike Narrows11152.60.360
Lakefork #15661.70.120
Lakefork #311160.40.010
Lakefork Basin5132.00.0
Lasal Mountain5720.20.2
Lasal Mountain-Lower12150.20.200
Lightning Ridge10560.9-0.11-1
Lily Lake5790.60.120
Little Bear5820.80.8
Little Grassy5830.00.0
Lonesome Beaver12610.30.3
Long Flat5920.00.0
Long Valley Jct5930.30.1
Lookout Peak5962.50.090
Lost Creek Resv11180.30.3
Louis Meadow9720.50.500
Merchant Valley6210.00.0
Midway Valley6260.80.732
Mill-D North6280.70.20-1
Mining Fork6311.60.16-1
Monte Cristo6342.70.280
Mosby Mtn.6430.70.050
Mt Baldy12240.60.030
Mt Pennell12690.50.311
Oak Creek11460.2-0.1
Panguitch Lake RS11480.20.2
Parleys Summit6840.60.3
Parleys Upper8562.70.080
Parrish Creek9711.30.20-2
Payson R.S.6860.60.6
Pickle Keg6910.20.2
Pine Creek6941.20.031
Red Pine Ridge7140.20.120
Redden Mine Lwr12250.00.010
Rees Flat12171.40.24-1
Rock Creek7200.50.010
Rocky Basin-Settleme7230.30.311
Santaquin Meadows12802.00.17-1
Seeley Creek7420.00.00
Smith Morehouse7630.90.040
Spirit Lk11171.60.140
Steel Creek Park7902.40.090
Strawberry Divide7950.10.122
Sunflower Flat12490.60.4163162
Suu Ranch12480.10.110
Takka Wiiya12470.60.021
Temple Fork10131.90.160
Thaynes Canyon8142.00.090
Thistle Flat12260.00.00-1
Timpanogos Divide8201.31.344
Tony Grove Lake8233.20.190
Tony Grove RS11130.10.1
Trial Lake8282.60.0100
Trout Creek8330.4-0.100
Upper Joes Valley12270.20.100
Usu Doc Daniel10982.80.2120
Vernon Creek8440.00.000
Webster Flat8530.80.61
White River #18640.30.300
Widtsoe #38650.80.3
Wrigley Creek12280.00.000
Yankee Reservoir11970.20.111
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