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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-03-23

(As of: Thu Mar 23 00:37:32 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Alpine Meadows90846.5-0.9105-1
Beaver Pass99030.60.182-3
Blewett Pass35212.7-0.336-1
Brown Top108048.1-0.1114-2
Bumping Ridge37520.7-0.3630
Burnt Mountain94220.80.154-1
Cayuse Pass108548.20.3120-2
Corral Pass41832.20.1800
Cougar Mountain42017.7-0.142-1
Easy Pass99871.3-0.4152-2
Elbow Lake91033.2-0.283-1
Fish Lake47823.3-0.1
Gold Axe Camp115913.00.0370
Gold Mountain125612.0-0.133-1
Green Lake50224.90.174-1
Grouse Camp50716.8-0.4420
Harts Pass51540.90.092-1
Hozomeen Camp99100
Huckleberry Creek9282.7-0.24-2
Indian Rock112916.7-0.1440
Lone Pine59144.6-0.1104-1
Lost Horse59919.4-0.1510
Lyman Lake60646.8-0.1126-1
Lynn Lake106929.00.073-1
Meadows Pass89726.0-0.473-1
MF Nooksack101151.0-0.3109-2
Morse Lake64245.80.5110-2
Mount Crag64836.30.0
Mount Gardner89811.10.036-2
Olallie Meadows67251.90.01110
Pepper Creek11049.4-0.327-1
Pinto Rock126341.9-0.396-2
Pope Ridge69919.8-0.243-1
Potato Hill70232.80.2901
Quartz Peak70722.4-0.362-1
Rainy Pass71128.40.076-1
Rex River91135.2-0.385-2
Salmon Meadows72812.90.040-1
Satus Pass123113.80.042-1
Sawmill Ridge106833.80.084-1
Sentinel Butte104314.2-0.2420
Sheep Canyon74851.10.0125-1
Skate Creek125737.2-0.178-4
Skookum Creek91241.6-0.588-1
Spencer Meadow77632.6-0.378-1
Spirit Lake77720.4-0.331-1
Spruce Springs98412.00.038-1
Stampede Pass78831.5-0.185-1
Stevens Pass79135.4-0.185-1
Swift Creek101281.60.0186-2
Thunder Basin81727.00.059-1
Upper Wheeler84113.5-0.1480
Wells Creek90931.2-0.184-1
White Pass E.S.86323.20.160-1
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