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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2023-09-26

(As of: Tue Sep 26 21:22:06 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Bald Mtn.3090.00.000
Base Camp3140.00.000
Battle Mountain3170.0
Bear Trap Meadow3250.10.100
Beartooth Lake3260.2-0.210
Big Goose9310.00.000
Big Sandy Opening3420.00.000
Blackhall Mtn11190.10.000
Blind Bull Sum3530.00.000
Bone Springs Div3580.00.022
Brooklyn Lake3670.10.0
Burgess Junction3770.10.100
Burroughs Creek3790.00.000
Casper Mtn.3890.2-0.110
Castle Creek11300.00.000
Cinnabar Park10460.10.010
Cloud Peak Reservoir4020.00.000
Cold Springs4050.00.000
Cole Canyon9820.10.111
Cottonwood Creek4190.00.000
Crow Creek10450.10.020
Deer Park9230.00.0
Divide Peak4490.10.000
Dome Lake4510.00.0
East Rim Divide4600.00.000
Elkhart Park G.S.4680.00.000
Evening Star4720.10.00-1
Grand Targhee10820.00.000
Granite Creek4970.00.000
Grassy Lake4990.00.000
Grave Springs5010.00.000
Gros Ventre Summit5060.00.000
Gunsight Pass9440.00.000
Hams Fork5090.00.000
Hansen Sawmill5120.00.000
Hobbs Park5250.00.0
Indian Creek5440.30.300
Kelley R.S.5540.00.000
Kendall R.S.5550.00.000
Laprele Creek5710.10.011
Larsen Creek11340.00.000
Lewis Lake Divide5770.00.000
Little Goose11310.00.000
Little Snake River104700
Little Warm5850.00.000
Loomis Park5970.00.000
Med Bow11960.00.000
Middle Powder6250.10.100
New Fork Lake6610.00.000
North French Creek6680.10.100
Owl Creek6760.00.011
Parker Peak6830.00.0
Phillips Bench6890.00.000
Powder River Pass7030.10.100
Reno Hill7160.00.000
Sage Creek Basin10150.00.010
Salt River Summit7300.00.000
Sand Lake7310.0-0.1
Sandstone RS7320.02-2
Shell Creek7510.10.100
Snake River Station7640.00.000
Snider Basin7650.00.000
Soldier Park11320.00.000
South Brush Creek77200
South Pass7750.00.0
Spring Creek Divide7790.00.000
St. Lawrence Alt7860.00.000
Sucker Creek7980.00.000
Sylvan Lake8060.00.0
Sylvan Road80700
Thumb Divide8160.00.000
Tie Creek8180.00.000
Timber Creek8190.00.000
Togwotee Pass8220.00.000
Townsend Creek8260.10.100
Triple Peak8310.00.000
Two Ocean Plateau8370.00.000
Webber Springs8520.0-0.111
Whiskey Park8590.000
Willow Creek8680.00.000
Windy Peak8720.10.011
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