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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2019-12-10

(As of: Tue Dec 10 13:35:12 GMT-08:00 2019)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Bald Mtn.3099.30.4423
Base Camp3143.5-0.119-1
Battle Mountain3174.5-0.114
Bear Trap Meadow3254.20.1200
Beartooth Lake3267.90.1380
Big Goose9313.3-0.116-1
Big Sandy Opening3423.0-0.214-1
Blackhall Mtn11198.70.2394
Blind Bull Sum3536.1-0.129-1
Bone Springs Div3586.80.126-1
Brooklyn Lake3678.10.2371
Burgess Junction3774.60.118-1
Burroughs Creek3793.90.0180
Casper Mtn.3897.50.031
Castle Creek11301.9-0.1100
Cinnabar Park10468.30.1361
Cloud Peak Reservoir4025.30.1260
Cold Springs4053.20.0150
Cole Canyon9822.50.2174
Cottonwood Creek4196.60.029-3
Crow Creek10454.00.1181
Deer Park9234.40.0210
Divide Peak4497.00.0310
Dome Lake4513.30.0180
East Rim Divide4602.9-0.1160
Elkhart Park G.S.4683.0-0.213-1
Evening Star4728.90.141-1
Grand Targhee108212.20.047-1
Granite Creek4973.0-0.3
Grassy Lake4995.8-0.228-2
Grave Springs5014.80.0200
Gros Ventre Summit5063.6-0.317-2
Gunsight Pass9444.2-0.1
Hams Fork5092.40.0121
Hansen Sawmill5123.00.0140
Hobbs Park5254.5-0.2200
Indian Creek5445.9-0.127-1
Kelley R.S.5543.8-0.118-1
Kendall R.S.5552.4-0.2
Laprele Creek5715.0-0.122-2
Larsen Creek11344-1
Lewis Lake Divide5774.8-0.130-1
Little Goose11314.20.020-1
Little Snake River10478.10.334
Little Warm5854.6-0.1221
Loomis Park5973.70.019-1
Med Bow119612.50.3522
Middle Powder6255.50.023-1
New Fork Lake6613.4-0.1151
North French Creek6689.60.2
Old Battle67310.30.244
Owl Creek6762.40.0100
Parker Peak6839.10.038-1
Phillips Bench6897.00.033-1
Powder River Pass7035.70.2271
Reno Hill7167.00.029-1
Sage Creek Basin10155.00.020
Salt River Summit7303.4-0.116-1
Sand Lake7319.50.2
Sandstone RS7325.30.1200
Shell Creek7516.50.030-1
Snake River Station7643.90.021-2
Snider Basin7653.0-0.1
Soldier Park11321.80.080
South Brush Creek7724.10.121
South Pass7753.8-0.1190
Spring Creek Divide7795.60.0
St. Lawrence Alt7862.4-0.2110
Sucker Creek7985.70.1240
Sylvan Lake8066.70.0301
Sylvan Road8073.80.017-1
Thumb Divide8163.7-0.1213
Tie Creek8182.80.090
Timber Creek8193.20.0110
Togwotee Pass8228.50.039-2
Townsend Creek8264.0-0.2180
Triple Peak8316.80.031-2
Two Ocean Plateau8379.0-0.1
Webber Springs8527.50.2364
Whiskey Park8599.20.5
Willow Creek8687.10.0
Windy Peak8724.1-0.1172
Younts Peak8785.70.020-1
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