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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2022-12-09

(As of: Fri Dec 09 04:49:20 GMT-08:00 2022)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Bald Mtn.3095.60.0230
Base Camp3145.7-0.130-2
Battle Mountain3174.0-0.1
Bear Trap Meadow3252.90.014-1
Beartooth Lake3266.80.032
Big Goose9313.00.1120
Big Sandy Opening3423.7-0.2210
Blackhall Mtn11198.00.4382
Blind Bull Sum3535.40.028
Bone Springs Div3583.5-0.1200
Brooklyn Lake3675.10.1255
Burgess Junction3774.20.0200
Burroughs Creek3792.80.1130
Casper Mtn.3892.80.0130
Castle Creek11301.80.090
Cinnabar Park10463.2-0.120
Cloud Peak Reservoir4024.30.1200
Cold Springs4052.80.013-1
Cole Canyon9821.20.061
Cottonwood Creek4196.20.0
Crow Creek10451.1-0.191
Deer Park9236.80.0280
Divide Peak4495.30.224
Dome Lake4512.20.0130
East Rim Divide4602.40.0151
Elkhart Park G.S.4683.10.0140
Evening Star4728.70.043-2
Grand Targhee108216.70.160-1
Granite Creek4974.20.0
Grassy Lake4999.10.046-1
Grave Springs5013.40.0160
Gros Ventre Summit5063.70.0210
Gunsight Pass9444.20.019-1
Hams Fork5092.4-0.211-3
Hansen Sawmill5122.50.1130
Hobbs Park5255.30.1240
Indian Creek5446.00.0290
Kelley R.S.5543.8-0.220-1
Kendall R.S.5552.70.014-2
Laprele Creek5712.00.1102
Larsen Creek11341.6-0.180
Lewis Lake Divide57711.10.1
Little Goose11313.30.0160
Little Snake River10476.80.132
Little Warm5853.70.1190
Loomis Park5973.60.018-1
Med Bow11967.80.0
Middle Powder6254.80.1220
New Fork Lake6612.80.1121
North French Creek6686.90.1
Owl Creek6762.40.0110
Parker Peak6837.40.036-1
Phillips Bench6898.20.0370
Pocket Creek113320-1
Powder River Pass7033.40.0160
Reno Hill7163.60.0180
Sage Creek Basin10154.00.218-54
Salt River Summit7303.80.0190
Sand Lake7316.3-0.132
Sandstone RS7324.60.218
Shell Creek7513.9-0.121-1
Snake River Station7646.10.028-1
Snider Basin7652.3-0.1150
Soldier Park11320.80.261
South Brush Creek7723.8-0.1
South Pass7755.00.0220
Spring Creek Divide7795.7-0.130
St. Lawrence Alt7861.70.0100
Sucker Creek7984.00.019-1
Sylvan Lake8066.90.131-1
Sylvan Road8073.90.0200
Thumb Divide8167.60.0371
Tie Creek8182.50.0120
Timber Creek8191.40.060
Togwotee Pass8227.40.034-1
Townsend Creek8262.70.0140
Triple Peak8315.90.032-1
Two Ocean Plateau83712.20.0
Webber Springs8525.90.130-79
Whiskey Park8598.90.336
Willow Creek8688.8-0.1
Windy Peak8721.40.081
Younts Peak8784.60.017-1
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