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Reporting Frequency: Daily; Date Range: 2024-04-23

(As of: Tue Apr 23 09:37:00 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Station Name Station Id Snow
Start of Day Values
Change In
Start of Day Values
Change In
Bald Mtn.30914.80.0460
Base Camp31411.5-0.432-2
Battle Mountain3172.7-1.17-2
Bear Trap Meadow3254.9-0.116-1
Beartooth Lake32616.70.0532
Big Goose9316.9-0.119-3
Big Sandy Opening34211.6-0.335-1
Blackhall Mtn111933.40.0840
Blind Bull Sum35324.4-0.258-1
Bone Springs Div35814.5-0.1430
Brooklyn Lake36723.8-0.362-1
Burgess Junction3779.60.131-2
Burroughs Creek3797.5-0.320-1
Casper Mtn.38910.2-0.526-2
Castle Creek11302.0-0.75-2
Cinnabar Park104618.9-0.551-1
Cloud Peak Reservoir40212.8-0.241-1
Cold Springs4054.4-0.513-3
Cole Canyon9820.00.000
Cottonwood Creek41915.9-0.743-1
Crow Creek10451.7-0.84-3
Deer Park92316.5-0.642-2
Divide Peak44916.8-0.936-2
Dome Lake4519.2-0.328-1
East Rim Divide4601.0-1.14-2
Elkhart Park G.S.4689.0-0.625-1
Evening Star47220.60.055-1
Grand Targhee108241.00.097-1
Granite Creek49711.1-0.228-2
Grassy Lake49926.2-0.564-3
Grave Springs5017.0-0.422-1
Gros Ventre Summit50610.8-0.431-1
Gunsight Pass94412.4-0.134-1
Hams Fork5090-1
Hansen Sawmill5124.2-0.314-1
Hobbs Park52516.0-0.1450
Indian Creek54421.4-0.652-2
Kelley R.S.55412.8-0.634-2
Kendall R.S.5554.0-0.710-1
Laprele Creek5715.4-0.614-2
Larsen Creek11344.0-0.68-2
Lewis Lake Divide57729.7-0.468-1
Little Goose11319.20.026-2
Little Snake River104725.4-0.958-2
Little Warm5859.2-0.127-1
Loomis Park5978.50.021-1
Med Bow119641.6-0.297-2
Middle Powder62511.6-0.132-2
New Fork Lake6613.4-0.67-2
North French Creek66828.0-0.271-1
Owl Creek6764.30.012-2
Parker Peak68321.2-0.358-1
Phillips Bench68923.2-0.557-1
Powder River Pass7035.6-0.316-1
Reno Hill7169.7-0.328-1
Sage Creek Basin10156.4-1.018-3
Salt River Summit73010.8-0.726-1
Sand Lake73132.20.187-2
Sandstone RS7329.8-1.023-1
Shell Creek75114.30.051-1
Snake River Station76411.3-0.229-3
Snider Basin7655.2-0.912-2
Soldier Park11322.3-0.35-3
South Brush Creek7728.3-0.720-2
South Pass77514.0-0.138-2
Spring Creek Divide77923.8-0.461-1
St. Lawrence Alt7860.8-1.22-4
Sucker Creek79810.60.034-1
Sylvan Lake80614.2-0.535-4
Sylvan Road8070.00.000
Thumb Divide81615.4-0.737-2
Tie Creek8180.4-0.31-1
Timber Creek8196.3-0.317-1
Togwotee Pass82219.8-0.256-2
Townsend Creek8268.7-0.125-2
Triple Peak83119.0-0.245-1
Two Ocean Plateau83729.5-0.372-1
Webber Springs85220.6-1.052-1
Whiskey Park85928.6-1.358-2
Willow Creek86829.7-1.163-2
Windy Peak8727.3-0.319-1
Younts Peak87812.2-0.528-1
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