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Bogus Basin (978)
Idaho SNOTEL Site - 6340 ft
Reporting Frequency: Hourly; Date Range: 2023-12-02 14:00 to 2023-12-05 13:00

(As of: Tue Dec 05 13:27:23 GMT-08:00 2023)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Date Station Name Snow
2023-12-02 14:00Bogus Basin3.7177.029.79.7325
2023-12-02 15:00Bogus Basin3.7177.030.97.5326
2023-12-02 16:00Bogus Basin3.8177.130.22.6246
2023-12-02 17:00Bogus Basin3.9177.129.12.7315
2023-12-02 18:00Bogus Basin3.9177.128.62.7302
2023-12-02 19:00Bogus Basin3.9177.127.92.2357
2023-12-02 20:00Bogus Basin3.8177.127.92.0344
2023-12-02 21:00Bogus Basin3.9177.127.51.9293
2023-12-02 22:00Bogus Basin3.9177.127.31.9313
2023-12-02 23:00Bogus Basin3.8177.127.34.1329
2023-12-03 00:00Bogus Basin3.8177.128.95.0323
2023-12-03 01:00Bogus Basin3.9177.128.01.8266
2023-12-03 02:00Bogus Basin3.9187.227.92.3261
2023-12-03 03:00Bogus Basin3.9187.227.51.1263
2023-12-03 04:00Bogus Basin3.9187.228.40.4312
2023-12-03 05:00Bogus Basin3.9187.229.73.2325
2023-12-03 06:00Bogus Basin4.0187.330.63.6324
2023-12-03 07:00Bogus Basin4.0187.330.93.5324
2023-12-03 08:00Bogus Basin4.1187.431.36.4327
2023-12-03 09:00Bogus Basin4.2197.432.06.9327
2023-12-03 10:00Bogus Basin4.3197.533.48.3325
2023-12-03 11:00Bogus Basin4.3207.533.88.9325
2023-12-03 12:00Bogus Basin4.4207.635.410.6325
2023-12-03 13:00Bogus Basin4.4207.735.811.8324
2023-12-03 14:00Bogus Basin4.4207.736.112.8323
2023-12-03 15:00Bogus Basin4.4207.736.512.4325
2023-12-03 16:00Bogus Basin4.4197.736.512.3326
2023-12-03 17:00Bogus Basin4.5197.736.311.2326
2023-12-03 18:00Bogus Basin4.5197.736.79.6326
2023-12-03 19:00Bogus Basin4.5187.736.78.7326
2023-12-03 20:00Bogus Basin4.5187.736.78.8324
2023-12-03 21:00Bogus Basin4.6187.736.77.2326
2023-12-03 22:00Bogus Basin4.6187.736.96.5324
2023-12-03 23:00Bogus Basin4.6187.737.06.7319
2023-12-04 00:00Bogus Basin4.5187.836.78.8322
2023-12-04 01:00Bogus Basin4.6187.836.99.0326
2023-12-04 02:00Bogus Basin4.6187.836.78.2326
2023-12-04 03:00Bogus Basin4.6177.836.98.3325
2023-12-04 04:00Bogus Basin4.6177.836.96.4324
2023-12-04 05:00Bogus Basin4.6177.837.07.1324
2023-12-04 06:00Bogus Basin4.6177.836.96.1325
2023-12-04 07:00Bogus Basin4.6177.837.05.8320
2023-12-04 08:00Bogus Basin4.6177.837.04.4323
2023-12-04 09:00Bogus Basin4.6167.837.22.6309
2023-12-04 10:00Bogus Basin4.6167.839.04.2322
2023-12-04 11:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.33.9322
2023-12-04 12:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.32.0324
2023-12-04 13:00Bogus Basin4.6167.839.90.9314
2023-12-04 14:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.80.450
2023-12-04 15:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.70.495
2023-12-04 16:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.80.8115
2023-12-04 17:00Bogus Basin4.6167.838.71.188
2023-12-04 18:00Bogus Basin4.6157.840.61.2100
2023-12-04 19:00Bogus Basin4.6157.839.71.1111
2023-12-04 20:00Bogus Basin4.6167.840.61.3111
2023-12-04 21:00Bogus Basin4.5167.840.11.5105
2023-12-04 22:00Bogus Basin4.5167.839.41.2104
2023-12-04 23:00Bogus Basin4.5157.839.73.093
2023-12-05 00:00Bogus Basin4.5157.840.65.296
2023-12-05 01:00Bogus Basin4.5157.840.53.4109
2023-12-05 02:00Bogus Basin4.5157.841.04.3111
2023-12-05 03:00Bogus Basin4.4157.841.24.2114
2023-12-05 04:00Bogus Basin4.4157.840.84.784
2023-12-05 05:00Bogus Basin4.4157.841.74.456
2023-12-05 06:00Bogus Basin4.4157.842.14.970
2023-12-05 07:00Bogus Basin4.4157.841.75.675
2023-12-05 08:00Bogus Basin4.4157.841.75.067
2023-12-05 09:00Bogus Basin4.4157.843.26.780
2023-12-05 10:00Bogus Basin4.4157.843.37.285
2023-12-05 11:00Bogus Basin4.5157.844.67.484
2023-12-05 12:00Bogus Basin4.4157.845.07.188
2023-12-05 13:00Bogus Basin4.4157.844.4
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