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Bogus Basin (16F02)
Reporting Frequency: Monthly; Date Range: Period of Record

(As of: Mon Jul 22 18:26:36 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Date Snow
Collection Date
Start of Month Values
Start of Month Values
Start of Month Values
Mar 1942Feb 2317.559
Mar 1943
Mar 1944Feb 2811.544
Mar 1945Feb 2618.059
Mar 1946Mar 0532.093
Mar 1947Feb 2818.552
Mar 1948Mar 0314.755
Mar 1949Mar 0129.584
Mar 1950Feb 2717.557
Mar 1951Mar 0325.072
Mar 1952Feb 2930.088
Mar 1953Feb 2722.265
Mar 1954Feb 2620.857
Mar 1955Feb 2611.345
Mar 1956Mar 0124.589
Mar 1957Mar 0121.566
Mar 1958Feb 2623.768
Mar 1959Feb 2814.848
Mar 1960Feb 2817.356
Mar 1961Mar 0313.847
Mar 1962Mar 0221.572
Mar 1963Mar 019.528
Mar 1964Feb 2817.251
Mar 1965Mar 0427.577
Mar 1966Mar 0214.351
Mar 1967Mar 0120.264
Mar 1968Mar 0110.832
Mar 1969Mar 0429.584
Mar 1970Feb 2726.369
Mar 1971Mar 0129.591
Mar 1972Feb 2934.287
Mar 1973Mar 0215.248
Mar 1974Feb 2827.574
Mar 1975Mar 0422.067
Mar 1976Mar 0321.765
Mar 1977Feb 284.823
Mar 1978Feb 2725.373
Mar 1979Feb 2717.561
Mar 1980Feb 2822.262
Mar 1981Mar 029.329
Mar 1982Mar 0122.561
Mar 1983Feb 2831.090
Mar 1984Mar 0126.375
Mar 1985Feb 2822.062
Mar 1986Mar 0324.061
Mar 1987Feb 2611.741
Mar 1988Mar 0112.838
Mar 1989Mar 0225.376
Mar 1990Mar 0114.047
Mar 1991Feb 2710.531
Mar 1992Feb 2710.840
Mar 1993Mar 0122.868
Mar 1994Mar 0120.362
Mar 1995Mar 0120.652
Mar 1996Mar 0217.148
Mar 1997Mar 0129.178
Mar 1998May 0125.9
Mar 1999Mar 0133.7101
Mar 2000Mar 0324.777
Mar 2001May 0117.0
Mar 2002Feb 2624.768
Mar 2003Mar 0216.046
Mar 2004Feb 2626.378
Mar 2005Mar 0213.844
Mar 2006Feb 2622.061
Mar 2007Mar 0117.069
Mar 2008Feb 2623.068
Mar 2009Feb 2815.045
Mar 2010Feb 2517.258
Mar 2011Feb 2817.051
Mar 2012Mar 0115.355
Mar 2013Feb 2810.840
Mar 2014Feb 2813.742
Mar 2015Feb 2612.833
Mar 2016Feb 2920.255
Mar 2017Mar 0126.881
Mar 2018Feb 2812.746
Mar 2019Mar 0128.395
Mar 2020Feb 2819.758
Mar 2021Feb 2622.576
Mar 2022Feb 2814.745
Mar 2023Feb 2819.769
Mar 2024Feb 2822.264
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Toggling Series On or Off

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