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June Lake (553)
Washington SNOTEL Site - 3440 ft
Reporting Frequency: Monthly; Date Range: Dec 2010 to Dec 2016

(As of: Sun Feb 25 18:10:14 GMT-08:00 2024)
**Provisional data, subject to revision**

Date Snow
Start of Month Values
Change In
Start of Month Values
Change In
Dec 201010.59.94241
Jan 201123.513.07533
Feb 201125.01.557-18
Mar 201139.314.312770
Apr 201160.120.8125-2
May 201170.310.214419
Jun 201159.9-10.4104-40
Jul 201129.3-30.643-61
Aug 20110.0-29.30-43
Sep 20110.00.000
Oct 20110.00.000
Nov 20110.00.000
Dec 20117.67.62020
Jan 201210.12.53010
Feb 201223.413.35929
Mar 201235.512.110849
Apr 201260.224.713426
May 201257.5-2.7101-33
Jun 201235.3-22.257-44
Jul 20120.0-35.30-57
Aug 20120.00.000
Sep 20120.00.000
Oct 20120.00.000
Nov 20120.00.000
Dec 20123.43.499
Jan 201329.826.410293
Feb 201340.210.41020
Mar 201350.910.711816
Apr 201353.72.8106-12
May 201348.4-5.383-23
Jun 201323.0-25.437-46
Jul 20130.0-23.00-37
Aug 20130.00.000
Sep 20130.00.000
Oct 20130.00.000
Nov 20130.00.000
Dec 20131.11.111
Jan 20142.41.365
Feb 20148.35.93226
Mar 201419.611.35927
Apr 201422.52.958-1
May 201419.7-2.843-15
Jun 20140.0-19.70-43
Jul 20140.00.000
Aug 20140.00.000
Sep 20140.00.000
Oct 20140.00.000
Nov 20140.00.000
Dec 20140.50.522
Jan 20153.42.91513
Feb 20150.9-2.53-12
Mar 20150.0-0.90-3
Apr 20150.00.000
May 20150.00.000
Jun 20150.00.000
Jul 20150.00.000
Aug 20150.00.000
Sep 20150.00.000
Oct 20150.00.000
Nov 20150.00.000
Dec 20153.53.51212
Jan 201620.216.77058
Feb 201628.88.6755
Mar 201634.55.7750
Apr 201644.710.29116
May 201628.5-16.249-42
Jun 20160.0-28.50-49
Jul 20160.00.000
Aug 20160.00.000
Sep 20160.00.000
Oct 20160.00.000
Nov 20160.00.000
Dec 20168.48.42727
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